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Avoid These 6 Roof Problems With Regular Inspections

Man Inspecting House Roof
Without periodic roof inspections, homeowners are left unaware of problems that develop in their roof. Many types of roof problems develop slowly over time. These problems can be easily prevented before the fact with timely repairs and routine maintenance.
By scheduling regular inspections, homeowners can be confident that they're keeping their roof in the best possible condition. As a homeowner, you can avoid the following six roof problems if you have a roofer perform periodic inspections.
1. Leaks
Probably the most important function of a roof is to seal out moisture and to protect a home's interior from damage from the elements. Roofers will look for developing leaks in a roof's surface as a key part of a thorough inspection.
Through inspections, leaks can be entirely prevented. Issues like misplaced flashing and loosened shingles indicate that a roofer needs to perform repairs to prevent leaks. These types of roof issues tend to worsen over time if they are not corrected promptly. 
2. Ice Dams
Ice dams can create huge problems for homeowners by preventing snowfall on a roof from draining off. In addition, ice dams lead to accumulated ice around the eaves of a roof.
The weight of ice dams could potentially cause soffit, fascia, gutters, and downspouts to become loose or misplaced. Ice dams are typically caused by issues like inadequate insulation in an attic and excessive heat loss around the roof. 
During an inspection, roofers look out for insulation and ventilation issues that will make dam development likely in the winter months. They can then advise the homeowner on how to correct the issue. 
3. Ventilation Inefficiencies
If the attic and roof of a home are not properly ventilated, HVAC equipment won't function as efficiently it should. Ventilation issues can also increase the risk of rot development on roof materials.
During an inspection, a roofer can determine if a roof needs more venting to ensure proper air circulation and to keep the interior air of a home healthy. 
4. Pest Infestations
Birds and rodents can do a lot of damage to a roof if they build nests in the roof. Eventually, they can penetrate into the home's interior if you don’t destroy their nests and discourage the birds from scavenging on your roof.
One thing a roofer will look out for during an inspection is the presence of any animal infestations. He or she will remove any existing nests and may even spray a pest deterrent on the roof if necessary to prevent future nest building.
5. Impact Damage
Another thing a roofer will do during an inspection is look out for potential hazards that may lead to impact damage, like overhanging branches. Branches and other objects above a roof could fall down onto a roof during a storm.
Roofers will remove any overhanging hazards if they are apparent during an inspection to prevent impact damage.
6. Premature Wear and Tear
A variety of issues on a roof could cause premature wear and tear if they are not corrected immediately. For example, loosened fasteners like screws and nails could allow roof components like asphalt shingles or metal panels to loosen. This leaves roof components more susceptible to storm damage and could allow them to come loose during periods of heavy winds.
Periodic inspections will make a roofer aware of any small repairs that are necessary to prevent wear and tear on a roof that could shorten the roof's life span.
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