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Commonly Asked Roofing Questions and Answers From the Experts at Cal Roofing Systems Inc.


What is the difference between galvanized gutters and seamless gutters? 

Galvanized gutters and leaders are bonderized and ready to paint. (Installed unpainted) Seamless gutters are seamless, made to fit at the job site and are pre-painted and are a little more expensive.

Do I need new gutters when I have a new roof installed?

Due to the fact that our shingle manufacturer offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all of their shingles, we do recommend a new gutter system with the installation of your new fiberglass composition shingle roof.

What is a lead paint test?

California EPA requires all licensed contractors to be EPA State Certified and have an approved EPA Lead Renovator employee. If a house was built prior to 1978, and a specified amount of paint is being disturbed, a lead paint test is required. If in fact lead paint is found at the area of the renovation, the material is disposed of according to EPA guidelines. And yes, Cal Roofing Systems Inc. is EPA Lead Paint Certified.

Why do I have to sign a certification for smoke alarms & carbon monoxide alarms? 

Any contractor pulling a building permit for work over $1,000.00 is required by the State of California to verify that the required number of smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms are installed. This certification is required in order to obtain a final inspection for your building permit. (Some cities require building inspectors to visually check the alarms in your home themselves)

Can I put a new composition roof over my existing roof? 

City building codes dictate what can be done. However, typically if you have an existing roof that is a 20-year shingle you can have another layer of composition shingles installed directly over the existing roof.

How long will it take to put my new roof on? 

The type of roof(s) you are having removed and installed, along with the size of your roof and the steepness of your roof, as well as the manpower assigned to your project are all factors as to how long it will take. If you have an average sized home and a roof that is going to be torn off, with a new roof and gutters to be installed, typically it would take approximately two (2) days. A larger home or a steeper home could take 2-4 days. Our experienced staff can give you a close estimate as to the time it will take.

Will you have a dumpster in my driveway? 

Cal Roofing Systems Inc. does not use dumpsters that would be sitting in your driveway. We have our own scissor lift truck that enables us to remove the debris (your old roof gutters, etc.) by the end of each day.

Do I need to be home when you put my new roof on? 

No, it is not necessary.

Do you accept credit cards? 

Yes, we accept Visa and Mastercard.

If I want skylights or solar tubes installed could you do that? 

Yes. We can purchase them for you or you can purchase them (in coordination with our office to ensure proper flashings, etc. are purchased). We would like you on the job site during installation to ensure proper location.

How long is the warranty on your work? 

We warranty our work for 5 years on a new roof installation and offer a warranty of 3 years for a roof repair.

Is it better if I have 30# felt paper put under my composition shingle roof? 

No. We install our fiberglass dimensional shingles according to the manufacturers specifications and it calls for one (1) layer of #15 ASTM felt paper.

Do you charge more if my roof is steep? 

A steep roof is a factor in cost, as it is more difficult to work on and slower, so as a result, the labor is a little higher than normal.

Why is it important that a contractor have workman’s compensation and liability insurance? 

In reality, workman’s compensation and liability insurance protect the homeowner as well as the contractor. If you hire a contractor who does not carry workman’s compensation and one of his employees gets hurt, the employee can sue you. If your contractor has workman’s compensation, the insurance will cover his injuries. If the contractor does not carry liability insurance and your property was damaged, you would have to sue him to recover your damages. Also if your property is damaged for some unforeseen reason, the contractor’s liability insurance would cover the damages.