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New Roof Maintenance by Cal Roofing Systems Inc. in Vacaville, California

fixing the roof
Now that you have a new roof, here are some helpful tips on how to maintain its integrity.
  • Inspect your roof at least twice a year in the spring and fall, removing any debris, leaves, etc. from valleys and gutters.
  • Keep overhanging trees and large bushes cut back to reduce debris and possible damage.
  • Do not allow foot traffic on your roof. Do not allow the installation of satellite dishes, HVAC units or mechanical equipment without notifying a licensed roofing contractor and consulting him about the methods and details of these installations. Allow only authorized personnel on your roof.
  • If a leak occurs, rule out other possible causes first. (Example: Exposed ductwork on roof area, improperly sealed window, interior plumbing issues resulting in a wall leak or standing debris on the roof resulting in a clogged drain etc.)
  • Notify a licensed roofing contractor immediately after speculating that the roof is the source of the leak. If possible, note the conditions resulting in leakage such as heavy or light rain, wind direction, etc. Note whether the leak stops shortly after each rain or continues to drip until the roof is dry. If you are prepared with the facts, the diagnosis and repair of your possible roof problem can proceed more rapidly.